Terms And Conditions

For Influencers

1. Digital Brand Media connects brands with bloggers and online influencers.

2. The influencer will ensure that no post or action on social media affects the brand negatively. Any such breach will void the agreement and the blogger will be liable for appropriate compensation to the brand.

3. The influencer should not participate in a campaign by his or her employer, employer’s competitor or any campaign, which he or she has direct interest or conflict in.

4. The influencer on registration should share accurate information about his blog and social media presence and their traffic. Any misrepresentation will void any agreement with DBM.

5. Payment to the influencer will be made after 45 Days: 

I) The social media content has been take live by the blogger and are approved by us.

II) Analytics are shared within one week of taking the post live showing the traction. `

In case the blog is not approved for any reason by the brand or Company, the blogger will be instructed to take the blog down and no payment will be due from company to the influencer.

6. Payment will be made within 4 weeks from the time the DBM receives the analytics from the influencer.

7. All taxes as applicable by the blogger will be the sole responsibility of the influencer. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), where applicable will be deducted by company. For payments above the threshold limit, Pan Card details would need to be shared as required prior to the payment.

8. Payment will be made either through bank transfer, when bank details are shared along with ID proof or through online shopping vouchers (e.g. Amazon, Flipkart) as finalized by mutual consent prior to the post being taken live.

 9. The influencer agrees to not solicit any campaign directly by the brand. If the influencer does solicit campaigns, the influencer account will be deactivated and not eligible for any future campaigns.

 10. In case of any complaints or requests, email to contact@digitalbrandmedia.in.

 11. The engagement with the influencer is done in good faith. Any manipulation of data shared (traffic, reach) manually or through bots would void any agreement with company and no payments shall be made.

 12. Disclosure: All promotions and blogs incentivized in cash or otherwise should clearly mention “Sponsored in collaboration with DBM” or “Ad in collaborate with DBM” in the blog and social media posts.

13. In case of any dispute, disputes will be under the jurisdiction of the High Court of Chennai, not considering the location of the blogger or brand.

14. The terms and conditions can be updated at the sole discretion of DBM ­­­

For Brands

Digital Brand Media is a platform enabling brands to engage with influencers and bloggers across India. A brand can launch a campaign on Influencer after paying the appropriate management fee. A brand launching a campaign agrees to the below terms and condition:

1. The Brand will provide accurate information about the products and services prior to launching the campaign.

2. The Brand undertakes to make the payment of the agreed upon incentive to the influencer upon shortlisting the influencer for engagement.

3. The influencer incentive shall be paid out to the blogger by company­­­­­­­­­­ on completion of the engagement.

4. The Brand will not falsify any information provided to the blogger or company.

5. All applicable taxes are to be paid by the brand.